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Services For Whitening Your Teeth

teeth whitened There are several methods available for people who want to whiten their teeth to improve their smile. Some of the do-it-yourself whitening kits can be excellent options to dentist procedures.

Tooth stains are usually the result of smoking, food, coffee, tetracyclines, bacteria build-up and genetic inherited traits. Most discoloration can be corrected with today's modern dental techniques.

Tooth Whitening Options

Service options to whiten your teeth generally fall into five categories, from which two of the alternatives can be performed at home by the individual.

Do-it-yourself Bleaching Kits

Various Tooth Pastes To Whiten Teeth

Bleaching Procedures by Dentists
This is professional tooth whitening technique performed by a dentist. The process involves dentists creating a custom tray from an impression of the patient's teeth, then applying a common bleaching agent, superoxol, which consists of 30-35% hydrogen peroxideis. In-office teeth whitening is usually completed in 1 - 3 office visits and effects last longer than home bleaching.

Dental Bonding

Porcelain Veneers

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